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Prism Media Lab

Cinematographers, Filmmakers, Storytellers 
Prism Media Lab (PML) is a boutique cinematography studio based out of Mississauga, Ontario. With a focus on using cutting edge technologies and advanced techniques, PML aims to bring a fresh new approach to any project.
The Founders of Prism Media Lab first met back in high school. Instantly becoming best friends, both expressed interest in the creative arts with their own unique interests. Immediately following high school each decided to pursue Cinematography and Television Production respectively. During these years the idea of creating boutique cinematography houses evolved into their first entrepreneurial pursuits. Seize Media and Prism Media Lab were formed. Seize Media would later join forces with Prism to create the most versatile production house in Canada. Recognizing that there was a need for business and operational expertise on the team, two new divisions were added in 2016 to further ensure seamless client experiences and project delivery. Rapidly growing in popularity with their creative and fresh approach, PML has been behind some of the most popular music videos and the most viral wedding edits.